Creating Your Dreams

CREATE YOUR DREAMS…….with Paul Clough.

CREATE YOUR DREAMS is a website specifically focused on you, your dreams (goals) and more importantly assisting you in achieving those dreams, creating them in your reality. No longer a Wish but something you can make happen, enjoy and experience. MAKING YOUR DREAMS A REALITY IS WHAT LIFE IS ALL ABOUT.


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Making Your Dreams come true ~ An essential aid to help you create what you want and when you want it.

In essence, taking your dreams (some people call them goals) and making them happen before they fly away.


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Create Your Dreams Hypnosis CD

Using the power of your unconscious mind to create your dreams.

Accessing and harnessing your creativity, motivation to discover and realise your true potential

The first step in making your dreams and life goals become real.

You will be guided by Paul’s voice through four tracks


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Video and media

Resolving, coping and dealing with Grief

Grief is a very lonely emotion and it doesn’t matter how many people try to comfort you you are still alone with your thoughts and feelings. That hollow, empty feeling that can be so painfull ~ I know I’ve been there and got the Teeshirt!

But you’re not alone and can change he way you feel ~ I promise you. That’s why I wrote this little book of mine.



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Here’s some other GREAT ways to learn and create what you want in the world.

NLP & Hypnosis Trainings

One of my greatest loves – supporting Joseph in his life changing and magical weekend seminars closely followed teaching NLP and Real Hypnosis to would be therapists and people wanting to make great changes in their …..

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Coaching Business and career excellence

Having over 30 years experience in Business with an extensive knowledge of persuasion/negotiation/

conciliation/selling techniques……

I believe running a business can and should be both exciting and pleasurable as well as being profitable.
I am able to grow your business and career at every level.

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Video and media

I love helping improving relationships

Whatever your relationship imagine this
it can be come better than you ever dream of….

Whether it’s a loving, sexual, business or one with ourselves everything we do revolves around relationships so don’t you owe it to yourself to have the best relationship you can imagine…..

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and in Conclusion…….

Let me help you make the changes in your life you desire
This is my passion, so it costs yoiu nothing to find out HOW. Achieve natural success and not rely on remembering techniques.
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“Paul IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!” PC Cambridge