About Paul Clough & Creating His and Your dreams

Developed from the passion of my belief that we, (that’s you as well) have infinate potential, I (Paul Clough) am creating my dream of assisting you create yours in your life now.
I (Paul) am a Certified Trainer of NLP (Neuro-Linquistic Programming), a Master Practitioner of both NLP and Time Line Therapy TM, a Master Hypnotist and Therapist.

Paul Clough“May the magical chemistry of NLP with your vision bring transformation to yourself and many others as lead by your heart”
Robert Dilts, NLP University.


May you find your true Potential only to discouver it is infinite ~ Paul

Curently I am assisting one of my gifted sons with his highly successful weekend workshops “Be Your Potential” which has now been running since 2009.

Joseph Clough’s New Book “Be Your Potential”