How to Create Your Dreams - Making your Dreams come true


An essential aid to help you create what you want and when you want it.

Have THE LAW OF ATTRACTION working for you

Making Your Dreams come true ~ An essential aid to help you create what you want and when you want it. In essence, taking your dreams (some people call them goals) and making them happen before they fly away.
It’s so important to write down your dreams (not type them) and have them to hand to continually looking at them the remind you of the feeling those dreams will give you when you get them. This is what is missed in so many teachings and why we don’t always manifest what we want and more importantly feel the way we want to feel.
This not just another goal setting work book, we can all set goals, but a way to make them happen the way you want them and know you have created them that way. Paul Clough, from his experience of the power of the unconscious mind and the ‘Law of Attraction’ has brought to you the simple ‘Secret‘ of creating the life you want by giving you the tool to ………………….TAKE ACTION!
Also included is the ‘Create Your Dreams’ Hypnosis CD, giving you full audio instructions how to use this wonderful book together with a deep hypnosis track to direct and use your unconscious mind and to tap into your infinte creativity Paul’s passion is to assist and guide everyone to their true potential only for them to discover it is infinite.


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