Create Your Dreams Self Hypnosis audio CD - Create Your Dreams

Create Your Dreams Hypnosis CD

Why is it the Law of Attraction doesn’t work? Well it does work and it works all the time – It’s a LAW!

The thing is if you don’t believe you can have what you want or are thinking more of what you don’t want then the law is working and meeting your beliefs and negative thoughts.

Here’s how you can change those negative beliefs and thoughts and have what you want………

Using the power of Hypnosis and your unconscious mind to create your dreams this 4 track Cd  available in direct download format will enable you to harness your creativity and create the world you want for yourself.

Accessing and harnessing your creativity, motivation to discover and realise your true potential

The first step in making your dreams and life goals become real.

You will be guided by Paul’s voice through four tracks

Track 1 ~ Introduction

Track 2 ~ 25 minutes of deep hypnosis to assist you release all those limiting decisions & beliefs that have held you back from creating the life you deserve and dream of.

Track 3 ~ Let Paul guide you and your unconscious mind into 30 minutes of deep hypnosis to access and activate the creative part of you to realise your dreams. Create the trigger to jump start your dreams into becoming real. Increase and use your imagination at the unconscious level and create a focus and awareness in your conscious waking state.

Track 4 ~ Paul guides you to place your specific goals in the time line of your future. You can use this track often with all your dreams and goals

Listen to track 1 here

If you dare to dream and follow these deep hypnosis tracks you may just realise your Potential only to realise IT’S INFINITE!!!

Price per CD £15.99 plus p&p £1.50